Sunday, July 29, 2007

Features-Ice Cream Skate Team

Im sure some of you heard about Pharrell Williams 1/2 of the popular The Neptunes, but you've only heard half of his ideas and projects. His coolest idea since fashion and beats is The Ice Cream Skate Team.

Made up of (1st pic up Left to right) Cato Williams (Pharrell's bro a.k.a Sk8oh), Jimmy Gorecki, The leader of the team, Terry Kennedy (TK), Jacob Walder and Kevin Booker (KB). Meanwhile other dudes are getting hyped and getting they hopes high, these dudes are trying to persuade the world you can do what they and do it even better if you try and put your mind to it . These cats are real cool and bringing up the black culture. You can see more if you pick up the Ice Cream Skate Team Vol. 1. All of these cats credit Pharrell for the inspiration and making their dream come true and according to Kevin thanks for opportunity to shine and show the world what he/they made of.

(In pic up Terry Kennedy, Kevin Booker and Jacob Walder) In the Ice Cream Skate Team Vol.1, its shows they own segment for each sk8er, from staying in a hotel having fun and going to Japan to explore the world. Man, Pharrell's got it good and these cats can skate and its really nice to young black males come together and show the world something positive and make sure you pick Ice Cream Skate Team Vol. 1 and Pharrell's album'' In My Mind'' in stores now!!!!!


Anonymous said...

They are all cute and I watched the video and they are really good and funny they kept me laughin through the vid, love it