Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pet Shops Girl

Not sure about her name but the girl is definately dope. Her style is like out of this world! This is only a preview of what this girl does. By the way she is a designer which her boutique goes by the name of Pet Shop Girl. One day I went to google and typed in 80's leggings and I clicked image search and I seen another pic of her and I was blown away. I was blown away by how she put stuff together and still make it look cool. You should definately look out for her and go to her blog which is and check her out, you have yet to learn a few tricks!!!! lol!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cardigan

I really like this cardigans. They are so cool and they make you look so stylish! I love colors a whole lot so it really doesn't matter what color you make it. Colors are so cool and they way they make things stand out. They can bring the most boring object to life, use colors, be creative. Back to this, this is only $ 178.00 which is'nt bad at all! I like Marc Jacobs and he seems like a cool guy and so is his designs.

Opening Ceremony Oxford Pumps

OMG! I love oxford pumps they are so classy, so chic I absolutely love them and I dont care which color they are I just fall for them! I love the material used on these one, the coloring, the laces, the everything! There only $364.00 which is not bad for something that looks like these!!!!!

Millions Of Smiles Striped Neck Scarf

I so love this scarf! This thing is BANANAS! I really like the whole neck scarf thing which is really retro y'know? They also happen to have other colors like red, and lemon. The price is kinda too much for a scarf like that but I guess its the material used. Go get this is your pretty much a retro-chic person!

Toms Two Tone Flat

These are like the cutest things I've seen in a while. These are like one of these shoes that you wear in the summer when you dont feel like wearing heels nor sneakers. I like these and they have these in like a navy blue color where the black is. At first I seen them from far and I thought they were Vans but $ 42.00 is the price which is not really bad.

Elizabeth and James Bardot Pant

These are called the Bardot Pant and to me these are actually cool. I like the whole spandex look but then again I kinda dont. I like the whole shoe thing going on but as for that its cool and oh it costs $ 198.00 which isnt really bad if you got money like that lol.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ice Cream Skate Team New Blog!!! Amerie Goes To Def Jam?

Im really excited about the new blog they have and it gives me chance to keep up with them!!! YAY! I really do like them and they have two more which I'm sure of is Anthony Williams but be on the lookout and the link to see them is

I've been hearing rumors about Amerie going to Def Jam. Not that this is a celebrity thing but there is an exception for Amerie lol. It's better for her, Columbia was'nt pushing her as they should and to me she is a great artist. I like her music and I bought her albums besides Because I Love It which was released internationally and now she is working with Pharrell and other producers!!!

Vince Graphic Swirl Dress

I really like this dress, and I'm really sorry for the delays I guess you can say I've been a little lazy. I like artsy and dramatic things, and this is what this dress is. It co$ts only $285.00 which is not bad for a cool dress like this.